Zdravko Colic in Budva (August 12)

Zdravko Colic, the most popular pop performer and one of the best pop vocals of all time in the Balkan region, is going to perform in Budva on August 12 in Top Hill, a prestige club located on a hill near Budva with beautiful views on the city. This event is part of Colic’s summer tour.

Zdravko Colic was born in Sarajevo and began his career there in the late 70s. He was lucky to hook up with Kornelije Kovac, a famous Serbian composer who wrote most of his best songs which made him a big star in the ex-Yugoslav region. Over the years he has become a legend and his concerts are always sold out. His most famous songs include “Gori vatra”, “Ti si mi u krvi”, “Zvao sam je Emili”, and the legendary “Druze Tito, mi ti se kunemo”, a popular hymn dedicated to the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito.

Tickets are available and cost 15EUR. They will cost 20EUR on the day of the event.


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