Vesko Vučković Band – 24 July at Buda Bar in Podgorica

Vesko Vučković and his band will be playing at the Buda Bar Caffe Club in Podgorica on Wednesday, 24 August at 10:00pm.

The Vesko Vučković Band is a pop rock band from Belgrade.  In addition to Vesko, this high-energy band consists of female vocalist Valentina Vasileski, Zoran Čokaš and Ivan Stamenkovic on guitars, Mengelica Alek on the drums, and Goran Stevanovic on the keyboards.

Buda Bar Caffe Club is a unique coffee club which offers daily pleasure in the ritual of coffee drinking, along with some of the craziest entertainment in Podgorica with parties featuring both local and international entertainers.  Buda Bar offers a full menu and drink selection and two wonderful garden areas to escape Podgorica’s Summer heat.

For information and reservations, call +382 67344944. Buda Bar is location at Stanka Dragojevica 26, 81000 Podgorica. This event is sponsored by  Montenegro’s award winning Plantaže winery.



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