Turkey Supports Montenegro’s NATO, EU Integrations

Egemen Bağış, Minister for European Affairs and Chief EU Negotiator of Turkey, and Dusko Markovic, Montenegro’s Deputy Prime Minister, met in Villa “Gorica“ earlier this week. Mr. Bağış said his country would support Montenegro’s Euro-Atlantic and European integration, and it would provide both expert and political assistance.

Dusko Markovic said that Montenegro and Turkey were more than just political partners. Turkey, which is also an EU candidate, can help Montenegro by providing support and sharing its practices in some important areas.

Minister Bağış mentioned the economic policy of his country, and said that tourism was an important sector of Turkish economy. Montenegro should also focus on promoting tourism, and the entire region could benefit from it.

The two countries share a common EU integration path, and they should provide assistance to each other, whenever it is possible.

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