United Arab Emirates Delegation in Montenegro

A delegation from United Arab Emirates, lead by their minister of economy Sultan Bin Saed Al Mansuri, has arrived today to Podgorica in an official governmental visit. The Government of Montenegro has reported that they are very glad that this visit is taking place. They will sign numerous bilateral agreements between Montenegro and United Arab Emirates. The UAE delegation is consisted of not only government representatives, but also chairmen of their chambers of commerce and general managers of several companies who have already shown interest in investing in Montenegro.

United Arab Emirates (often called UAE or simply The Emirates) is a smallish country on the Arabian peninsula. It is made out of seven “states” called emirates. The population count is around 8 million. Their economy is mostly based on oil — they are considered to be #6 in the world as far as oil reserves are concerned. They have been investing in many countries for a long time, especially in the last 10 years since oil prices went up. They already have their presence in Montenegro through some companies which invested in tourism, but they are obviously interested in more.

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