Turkish Capital Coming to Montenegrin Airports

Turkish capital is on its way to numerous Montenegrin airports, according to Mirel Radić Ljubisavljević, the assistant minister for traffic of Montenegro. She noted that the air industry is on shaky legs at the moment in Montenegro, and that foreign capital is very welcomed. The original plan was actually to sell the national carrier Montenegro Airlines to Turkish Airlines, but the Montenegrin government is trying to avoid that at all cost because they would like to retain the ownership of the company. Therefore, the Turkish government made a different proposal and it is supposed to be accepted by the Montenegrins. Igor Lukšić, the prime minister of Montenegro, has received the proposal, reviewed it and is pleased with it.

“The new proposal isn’t about us selling our national carrier to them. Instead, they are looking to make deals with our airports through various commercial services. They are especially interested in the airports in Podgorica and Tivat, but also in Berane,” said Radić Ljubisavljević.

She also said that they wouldn’t sell the whole stake to the Turks — they would actually offer different percentages and make a deal with the Turks (20%, 50% or 70%).

The Turkish air industry has been on the rise for decades. They are investing large chunks of money in it domestically, but also by buying foreign carriers and airports. The plan behind all this is to make Istanbul a major hub in Europe. By buying other carriers and airports they are actually “forcing” people who fly with those carriers or from those airports to fly to Istanbul first and then connect to another flight and fly wherever they want to fly.

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