Tourism is a Great Opportunity for Montenegro

Over the past two decades, Montenegro has been trying to promote tourism and redevelop this sector. According to the  WTTC  (World Travel and Tourism Council), Montenegro has made a great success: “The country is expected to be among the fastest-growing tourism-based economies in the next decade.”

Tourism’s total contribution to employment, GDP, exports, and foreign investments will rise in the next decade. WTTC is very optimistic about Montenegro’s future trends in tourism.

In the next decade, nearly one-half of all capital investment in Montenegro will probably be made in the tourism industry. The growth in Montenegro’s tourism sector will be higher than in most other countries (even China and India).

The global economic crisis has influenced all parts of the world and all industry sectors. However, some countries are recovering successfully: Montenegro has already attracted many foreign investors.

Montenegro has beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature, and interesting culture. Tourists can enjoy all kinds of activities (swimming, yachting, sunbathing, hiking, adventure sports, etc), and the prices are reasonable.

The Government of Montenegro is very committed to promoting the country as a tourist destination. Reduced taxation, simplified procedures, and better legislation are making the country very attractive to foreigners.

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