Tivat Airport Records an Impressive Growth

2011 was the busiest year ever for  Tivat airport. In 2011, the airport welcomed more than 634,000 passengers (by the end of November), which was an incredible increase of 19 %. There were 4.413 flights in this year, which is 11.5 % more than in 2010. Ranko Boskovic, Tivat Airport CEO, said that they expected to end 2011 with 645,000 passengers.

Tivat Airport has higher figures than Sarajevo airport and Podgorica airport. It has become the 7th busiest airport in the former YU. Podgorica airport had 572,272 passengers in 2011.

Compared to other airports in this region, Tivat airport has the fastest growing rate. There are flights to numerous European destinations every day and charter flights to major world cities during the summer season.

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