Tina Turner Enjoying Montenegro

Tina Turner, one of the most famous American female singers, is one more “star” who couldn’t resist the beauty of Montenegro. She arrived from Dubrovnik to Kotor yesterday with the “Lady Marina” yacht (which is one of the biggest yachts in the world, owned by Sergio Mantegazza, a Swiss billionaire). She spent the whole day in Kotor and was clearly impressed. She spent the night at the luxurious “Forza Mare” hotel in Dobrota. This hotel has become the hotel of choice for the wealthiest people who come to Montenegro. A few months ago, the wealthiest man in the world — Carlos Slim Helu, stayed at this hotel, but also Beyonce, Jay-Z, Roberto Cavalli and many more have visited “Forza Mare” last year.

Tina left Kotor around noon today and sailed to Budva. She intends to spend the day in Budva, and continue her journey to Hvar tonight.

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