The Play Skadarlijka

The Dodest Hall (KIC Budo Tomovic) will host the play „Skadarlijka“ on December 23 (Friday), at 8 PM. This play is about the intellectual elite of ex Yugoslavia and foreign movie stars who loved this part of the city. Skadarlija, „Belgrade Montmartre “, was the place where they used to gather.

Skadarlijka is a story about world-famous actors and other artists, and their visits to Skadarlija. Some of the famous visitors were Liz Taylor, Robert De Niro, Catherine Deneuve, Luciano Pavarotti, and others.

Liljana Jaksic will play “Rose”.

The play is an adaptation of Isidora Bjelica’s text. Mrs. Bjelica said that the comedy was not just another story about famous intellectuals, artists and foreign stars who loved Skadarlija; the play was also a “pedigreed monologue.“

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