The Mountains of Montenegro – a Walker’s and Trekker’s Guide

Ninety-six percent of Montenegro’s guest rooms are on the coast.  While the coastal resorts of Budva, Kotor, and Herceg Novi contribute significantly to Montenegro’s tourist economy, the amazingly beautiful interior of the country remains almost unknown.  This unspoiled beauty awaits the dedicated trekkers who step off the beaten path and into a world of adventure — right here in Europe.

Rudolf Abraham is one such adventurer, and he has written a guide book to assist you in becoming one also.  The Mountains of Montenegro – A Walker’s and Trekker’s Guide is a comprehensive 258 page to hiking through the mountains of Montenegro.  This tome is full of original research and incredibly hard-to-find information on the Black Mountains.

The book opens with a twenty-page introduction to the Montenegrin geography and environment.  The next eight pages are advice for travelers on how to get to and around Montenegro.  Following that are nine pages of incredibly valuable information on specifics that you need to know to hike comfortably and safely through the mountains of Montenegro.  Five pages of information on routes then leads into the meat of the book — 136 pages of detail on fifteen specific Montenegrin trails:

  • Subra
  • Zubački Kabao
  • Jezerski Vrh
  • Kotor Fortress
  • Central Durmitor
  • Durmitor Circuit (via Škrčko jezero)
  • Durmitor Circuit (via Velika Struga)
  • Biogradsko Jezero
  • Biogradska Gora
  • Komovi
  • Kučka Krajina
  • Volušnica
  • Krošnja and Karanfili
  • Kotao
  • Ropojana Valley and Jezero

Each trek is documented in terms of both duration and difficulty.  Camping facilities and water sources are described to make planning your trip both easy and safe.  Photographs are accompanied by useful maps of each trail.

The Mountains of Montenegro – A Walker’s and Trekker’s Guide is available in both print and electronic editions.  With a list price of under 15 Euros, you would be crazy to consider hiking in Montenegro without this valuable guide.

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