The Mail Online Highlights Tourism in Montenegro

Kate O’Grady wrote a very nice review of Montenegrin tourism this week in Montenegro is on the money: Basking in the brilliance of this rising star of the Balkans.  The title is nicely positive, and the rest of the article is equally pleasing.

The article highlights mainly festive Budva and upscale Sveti Stefan.  Kate has great fun using old, but never worn out, sayings about Montenegrin’s love for relaxation.

Kate’s article, and many others like it, are a great help in attracting tourists (and their Pound Sterling) to Montenegro.

Tourism is one of Montenegro’s most important industries and, due to Montenegro’s extensive natural beauty, one of the easiest industries for the nation to expand.  Growth in the tourist industry has averaged over 20% per year since Montenegro declared independence in 2006.

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