The Greeks Continue to Acquire KAP Stocks

Many millionaires and billionaires are investing in various industries in Montenegro, and the Greeks are no different. One of the richest people in Greece, Victor Restis, has formed a special company called “Adcapital Montenegro” which is dedicated to investing in Montenegro. Apart from investing in the tourism industry (he already owns several resorts and hotels), he is also investing in aluminum industry. The Montenegrin aluminum giant KAP is owned by several entities and its ownership sheet is kind of colorful. However, the majority of the stocks is owned by the Montenegrin government. The second major shareholder is Adcapital Montenegro, which now owns 14% of the company, after acquiring another 5,33% for 2,109 million euros. They actually bought 570,000 shares at 3,7EUR per share from a group of investors from Croatia, who bought the shares on the cheap a few years back. In order to control the company together with the Montenegrin government, they need another 7% and their plan is to achieve that by the end of this year.

Rumor has it that the Greeks (Victor Restis) isn’t buying KAP stocks directly for himself — he is buying it for the Indians. An Indian giant called Vedanta, has been interested in taking over KAP for a long time, but due to bureaucratic issues, they couldn’t do it directly. That’s why it is believed that they “hired” they partner from Greece who is supposed to do the job.

Victor Restis is the owner and CEO of Restis Group and he is one of the richest people in Greece. Vedanta Resources is a global mining company headquartered in London. Anil Agarwal is the founder, majority owner and CEO of the company. Vedanta already owns several aluminum producers and is always looking to expand their portfolio. That’s why the rumors are probably true and Vedanta is actually trying to take over KAP.

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