The Government Has Decided to Privatize Montenegro Airlines in 2012

The government of Montenegro has decided that Montenegro Airlines should be privatized in 2012.

During 2011, Montenegrin national carrier was going through a difficult period. This business has become very costly, especially after the government’s decision to provide 400,000 € to the national carrier each month, in order to cover operational expenses and manage the debt to Tivat and Podgorica airports. To resolve the problem with the debt to the SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services Agency), Montenegrin government has offered the Agency the Park Hotel located in Bijela. Recently, pilots have expressed their dissatisfaction with their late wages.

Privatization seems to offer solutions to major problems, and so, the government has decided to start the process during this year. Igor Luksic, Prime Minister of Montenegro, said that the Montenegro airlines would be offered to potential investors in a public tender.

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