Tender Opening for Valdanos Ulcinj

On 20 June, the Tender Commission for Tourism will officially publish a newly revised tender for Valdanos Ulcinj. Valdanos Ulcinj is a former military vacation camp which is surrounded by olive trees and offers an unobstructed ocean-front view with exclusive privacy a Mediterranean climate and an average of over 240 sunny days. Valdanos Bay covers four square kilometers, and includes a pebble beach of approximately one hundred meters in length and various existing facilities, such as tennis courts and parking areas.

There will be a 90-day deadline for bids. This revised tender offers a 90 year lease on land owned by the government of Montenegro. The previous tender, which offered only a 30 year lease, failed to generate sufficient interest from the investment community.

This is a public tender, but is open only to experienced investors with demonstrated financial capacity and experience in the design, construction and operation of large and mixed-use resorts. Once the tender is complete, the winner must be approved by the Privatization Council.

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