Temperature Records All Over Montenegro

A very hot tropical heat wave stemming from the north-western Africa has hit the Balkan region, including Montenegro. Temperatures are reaching high levels all over Montenegro, and the National Meteorology Department has advised citizens (and all people who currently reside in Montenegro) to be very careful and to follow the usual rules when temperatures are this high — don’t go out between 10am and 6pm. If you have to go out, be sure to drink a lot of water and stay in the shade as much as possible.

At 6pm, the temperature in Podgorica was 42,3 degrees Celsius! However, today’s peak was at 4pm, when the temperature was at 43,5 degrees Celsius. In Herceg Novi and Ulcinj was a bit “colder” — 38,3 and 37,9 degrees respectively. The lowest temperature today was in Žabljak — 28,2°C. Here are temperatures in other cities across Montenegro: Cetinje — 37,8°C; Nikšić — 35,4°C; Pljevlje 33,9°C; Kolašin 34,5°C, Bar — 31,1°C.

“We are experiencing record temperatures today. These are the highest numbers of all time for this time of year, and we have data for the last 50 years,” said Branko Micev, a meteorologist. “However, it is important to note that this warm wave will be gone quickly — we can expect the temperatures to drop tomorrow. The wave is heading towards the east, and we expect it to weaken here tomorrow. We expect some cold air from the Northern Europe in the next few days, so we don’t expect any more heat waves.”

The Montenegrin government also intervened — they ordered that all companies who work in the construction business must pause their operations between 11am and 4pm.

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