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Despite significant barriers continuing to exist for the inport and export business in Montenegro, Tara Perfection D.O.O. continues to expand Montenegrin exports in the firearms production and security solutions market. Since joining the Tara Group in 2009, the company has designed, produced, and certified the NATO-compliant TM-9 semi-automatic pistol and TM-4 assault rifle. Additionally, by combining efforts with Tara Precision Works and Tara Aerospace, the factory is capable of providing world-wide solutions to military and law enforcement customers across the globe.

Development of Tara Perfection Small Arms Line

Tara Perfection D.O.O. has aims to provide comprehensive security solutions across all small-arms weapons families over the coming TM4years. The first step in the process of expanding the company’s product line has been achieved through the development of the TM-9 pistol and TM-4 assault rifle after joining the Tara Group in 2009.  In order to set the company’s work apart from others, development on weapons ranging across all calibers and sizes in the small arms world leverages the latest in cutting edge materials and technologies to deliver over-performing, but reliable weapons to clients. By working with other Tara Group partners, Tara Perfection D.O.O. is able to be a solutions provider on an international scale.

Creating the TM-9 Pistol

The new Tara TM-9 semi-automatic handgun combines cutting edge firearm technology alongside the strictest of safety requirements. The anticorrosive slide is able to be disconnected from the Polymer-based lower receiver without having to pull the trigger on the gun. This ability along with allowing consecutive striker actions (double action) before racking the slide back provide safety measures not realized with other hand guns on the international market, let-alone amongst national competitors in Montenegro!

Key Features of the TM-9

The TM-9 includes the following modern characteristics not found in all competing pistols on the market today:

–          Anti-corrosive surface protection.
–          High-capacity double stack magazines.
–          Piccatinny rails for mounting tactical lights.
–          Ambidextrous magazine release button.
–          Special lanyard connection point.
–          DARE-Trigger system for improved training of new TM-9 shooters.

TM-9 Trigger System

The TM-9 trigger system is striker-fired. The pistol includes the special, Double Action Rapid Engagement (DARE) system trigger which will reset the firing pin after the trigger has been released only 3mm. This system allows for much faster, accurate fire after first firing in Double Action mode. The new system also precludes the need to rack the slide after a misfire. Instead, a second striker action can be started by pulling the trigger another time. Additionally, there is not a requirement to pull the trigger to disassemble the gun which helps to prevent inadvertent discharges while cleaning the weapon. Additional internal safeties for the TM-9 include:

–          The firing pin safety. This measure blocks the firing pin of the gun within the channel behind the breach-face of the weapon until the trigger-bar is moved rearward by the trigger.

–          The firing pin reset spring. This ensures the striker will remain in the engaged position at all times, and will not float freely in the firing pin channel.

TM-9 Low Bore Axis (22MM)

The TM-9 features an extremely low bore axis (the distance between the barrel center and beaver-tail) of the weapon. Due to the design of the slide and associated ergonomic grip, the TM- is able to sport a bore-axis almost 10mm lower than other comparable polymer-based hand guns. As a result, the gun is able to reduce overall recoil and improve target acquisition after firing one or multiple rounds.

TM-9 Hardness and Surface Treatment

Since Tara Perfection D.O.O. makes the barrel and slide of the TM-9 from solid stainless steel bars that undergo special surface treatments, the company is able to ensure a high-level of resistance to corrosion and hardness of the weapon. Additionally, all other metal components of the gun are treated with anti-corrosion and anti-friction processes. These efforts result in an extended, 50,000 round guarantees on all main pistol parts.

TM-9 Magazines

Every TM-9 pistol sold includes two magazines that have a 17 round capacity for standard 9mm ammunition. Tara uses an anti-corrosive steel including an anti-friction coating for the magazine tubes to ensure the maximum durability and speed in any real-world or training scenarios. There is also a back-side indicator on the mag-tube to allow the ammunition capacity to be checked as well as a polymer floor-pate installed on the mags to prevent damage to the coating when conducting a fast change of magazines. Another unique feature of the TM-9 magazine is the ambidextrous magazine release catch supporting both right and left-hand shooters.

TM-9 Polymer Frame

Tara Perfection D.O.O. designs the TM-9 with an ergonomic polymer frame that helps reduce  the overall weight of the weapon. Additionally, the frame includes a Picatinny equipment rail that allows lasers or tactical lights to be mounted to the weapon. The grip also includes the ability to be adjusted in size by selecting one of the three back-straps delivered with each set and do not require special mounting tools to be changed out. The TIM-9 slide rails are not molded into the polymer of the gun; instead, they have an integral steel inlay to allow for maximum resistance against frame flex. The TM-9 also features an enlarged trigger-guard which permits users to wear gloves when firing the weapon.

TM-9 Gun Sight

All Tara Perfection hand guns are shipped with a standard three-dot sight. The weapon id designed to support use of any night sight of well-known manufacturers using a standardized dovetail mounting system. The line of sights for the gun is 165.7mm.

TM-9 Chamber Indicator and Built-In Armorers Tool

The TM-9’s extended extractor provides a visual and tactile chamber indicator. As a result, the user of the weapon is aware at all times if there is a round chambered in the hand gun or not. Additionally, the cavity area between the rear of the magazine tube and back-strap of the grip is used to implement an armorer’s pin-punch. This allows for emergency troubleshooting of the gun going beyond the classic field-strip requirements. The tool also provides for the secure attachment of a lanyard if not being used to break down the weapon.

TM-9 Interchangeable Grip

The TM-9 pistol is one of the latest 9mm handguns on the market to feature the ability to change the gun’s grip size. Every Terra Perfection hand gun is shipped with three different back-straps that can be swapped out using the built-in armorers tool of the gun. The sizes of the grips are small, medium, and large, and also change the trigger-distance from trigger point to beaver tile. The large size grip of the gun is installed by default on shipment.

Tara Perfection TM-9 and TM-4 Video

Creating the TM-4 Assault Rifle

The Tara TM-4 assault rifle is the next generation model of the proven M-16 Assault Rifle. Based on modern technologies, Tara Perfection has taken a number of steps to eliminate the issues with the open gas system employed by the legacy M-16. The TM-4 features a more reliable and adjustable short-stroke piston system. It also includes a steel reinforced, high-strength polymer lower receiver which has an ambidextrous magazine release and fire selector lever. The TM-4’s barrel is NITREX coated and includes a cold hammer to make it suited for all weather conditions and climates. The unique process of forging the barrel increases the overall reliability and barrel life of the weapon.

Key Features of the TM-4

The TM-4 is designed to have a large number of compatible parts with the M4, M16A1, and M16A2 rifles. This allows new customers of Tara Perfection to offer both full upgrades of their existing rifles to the TM-4 standard or lesser refurbishments depending on the budget and goals of the organization.

TM-4 Modular 4-Rail Hand guard

The TM-4 offers a modular 4-Rail hand guard that is hard coat anodized and constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy. The lower section of the rail has a heat shield that can be removed to mount the standard M203, 40 x 46mm grenade launcher. Additionally, the Picatinny rails of the rifle are designed to support the following tactical rifle accessories: flashlights, laser sights, bi-pod, vertical fore-grips, and a bayonet.

TM-4 Short Stroke Gas System

In order to resolve legacy issues with the M-16 overheating and accumulating excessive power residue in the bolt and upper receiver, the TM-4 adjustable short stroke piston system was developed. The new developments in the TM-4 greatly improve the overall reliability and function of the weapon. The adjustable gas valve of the rifle includes three positions: standard pressure, increased pressure under extreme conditions, and closed (for use with special ammunition).

TM-4 Lower and Upper Receiver

tm9_dimensionsThe TM-4 features a lower receiver with a reinforced design and steel inlay based on a full polymer. Advantages of the new design include:

–          Improved corrosion resistance.

–          Weight reduction of the weapon of more than 30%

–          Enlarged trigger guard design to permit comfortable handling with gloves,

–          Improved handling and ergonomics in extreme (cold and hot) weather conditions.

The upper receiver of the TM-4 is made from forged aircraft grade aluminum allow and includes a Picatinny Mounting rail. This portion of the gun is hard coat anodized to provide for maximum strength and the mounting of all compatible mechanical and optical sights.

TM-4 Rectractable Buttstock

The TM-4 retractable buttstock is designed to be used at five different lengths to best suit the operator’s requirements and size. The stock is engineered from a high-strength Polymer and there are three different rubber back-plates available for use with the rifle providing additional recoil reduction and lengths.

TM-4 Ease of Use

The TM-4 is engineered to be one of the most “operator friendly” assault rifles on the market. All relevant positions or levers on the weapon are designed to support full ambidextrous use of the rifle to include: the magazine release, charging handle, gas adjustment, and fire selector.

What Does the Future Hold for Tara Perfection?

The future definitely looks bright for Tara Perfection D.O.O. and the Tara Group since Minister Milica Pejanovic-Đurišić awarded certificates for the TM-9 and TM-4 meeting codified NATO standards in 2012. The codification is required to ensure the safety, speed, and continuity of the supply of military spare parts and equipment for old and new customers. Tara Perfection is one of the up-and-coming Montenegrin companies worth watching for local and international growth over the next year.

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