Summer Fest in Budva (August 3 – 5)

Summer Fest in Budva is a “weekend party”, as the organizers call it, which will begin tomorrow (Friday) and last until Sunday. The party will be held on the famous Jaz beach in Budva. Many popular rock bands and musicians will attend and perform — Hladno Pivo, Riblja Corba, Van Gogh, Partibrejkers, Kiki Lesandrić and Orthodox Cells.

The organizers are working very hard to get everything ready until tomorrow. “The last truck with equipment came in yesterday. At the moment, we are setting up the stage which will be ready by the end of the day, when the first sound checks will be done,” said Marko Vukajlović, Summer Fest’s PR manager. He also noted that issues with the sound are very unlikely. “We hired Festival Novo Mesto from Slovenia to do the audio setup. We wanted a company that has experience with big concerts, and the Slovenians certainly do. They worked for many international stars like Metallica, Madonna, Whitesnake, Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams, Toto and many others. Therefore, we have reasons to believe that the sound will be flawless.”

Vukajlović also said that they are very satisfied with ticket sales so far, especially in the last few days, when the sales significantly increased. “It seems to us that not many people want to be there for the whole 3 days, even after we set the price to only 20EUR. They are more interested in 1-day tickets, which cost 10EUR. That is normal in a way, because people want to see only a certain band they like; not all of them.” Tickets will be also sold in front of the entrance, so if you don’t have a ticket yet, you shouldn’t worry. People arriving with cars will have free parking which is located 1500m from the beach. For those who are in Budva and want to travel to Jaz via bus, a bus is available and it costs only 2EUR for a return ticket. The bus leaves at 17:30 in front of the hotel “Slovenska plaža”, and will commute all night long (last bus at 04:30 in the morning).

“We also have a camp which is very popular. The price is only 2,5EUR per person, and we already have 200 people present. By tomorrow night, we expect the camp to be filled to full capacity of 400,” said Vukajlović. He also noted that buying stuff when you enter the beach will be done by following certain rules — you will not be able to use cash. You will have to trade your cash for coupons in front of the entrance, and you can use those coupons to buy drinks and food inside. A bottle of water will cost 1EUR, while Nikšićko Beer will set you back 1,5EUR.

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