Sport Fest In Nikšić (August 18)

Sport Fest (officially named “Nikšićko pivo Sport Fest) in Nikšić is a festival that will be held on August 18th and will start at 6pm. The main idea of the festival is to attract as many youngsters as possible and let them enjoy various sporting activities for which the necessary equipment will be provided. Of course, those who don’t participate are invited to watch, stick around and have a drink, as the whole organization is handled and paid by the City Council. The president of the City Council Nebojša Radojičić was astonished at the attendance of the last year’s festival, so he gladly organized another one this year.

The majority of the equipment is intended towards martial arts — there will be rings for boxers/kickboxers, but also for karate/judo fighters. Also, there will be an improvised athletic track, as well as a cycling one. Competitions in tennis, table tennis, darts and various other activities will be available as well. They organizers say that everyone aged between 7 and 77 is welcome to participate.

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