Slovenian Investors to Continue Investing in Montenegro

The Montenegrin-Slovenian Business Forum held yesterday in hotel Maestral in Budva was very successful, according to both parties who participated. Slovenian businessmen who already own businesses in Montenegro announced new investments and new projects, while businessmen who are yet to come to Montenegro were very pleased with the conditions and law legislation that the Government of Montenegro presented to them. They say that they aren’t worried about the economic crisis and that it will not stop them from investing.

The executive director of “Primorje”, a Slovenian construction company that builds highways, tunnels and bridges, Dušan Črnigoj, said that they are very happy to be able to do business in Montenegro. He said that the interest of Montenegrin businesses to cooperate with Slovenian colleagues is very high. “We already built five bridges all over Montenegro, and probably the most beautiful bridge in Podgorica was built by our company.” He also said that his company is very interested in building other projects in Montenegro. “We are closely following everything that’s happening and waiting for our chance. That’s what the Business Forum is all about.”

The president of the “Hit Group” Drago Podobnik said that his company is facing certain issues with the business because of the economic crisis, but is hopeful that everything will change soon. His company is running several hotels in Montenegro. “We will have to renovate our hotel and our casino, and I am sure that better things will come after that. It will be an investment of 3-5 million euros,” said Podobnik.

The representative of Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) was Anton Ribnikar who said that he is very pleased how the company’s been performing in Montenegro. He also noted that they are not afraid of the economic crisis that many say it’s coming — they are prepared.

Marjan Hribar, a representative of Slovenian ministries, said that Slovenians will be investing significant amounts of money in Montenegro in the future — especially in the tourism sector, naming Zabljak as their first goal.

Montenegrins very also very pleased with the Forum’s outcome. The director of the Investing Development Fund (IRF) of Montenegro Dragan Lajović was in charge of presenting small business opportunities in Montenegro to Slovenian investors. “It is important for us to boost the small and medium business sector by creating direct contact with Slovenians.”

Tarzan Milošević, the man in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that agriculture is of huge importance to any country’s well being and that they are expecting investments. “Agriculture is a sector that can bring the unemployment down very fast.”

Direct foreign investments in Montenegro were over 550 million euros last year. It is expected that they will rise around 3-5% this year, with a constant tendency of growing in the future years.

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