Secret UN War Crimes Documents Leaked to the Associated Press

An unnamed “international official” has leaked sensitive U.N. documents to the Associated Press. The documents detail war crimes committed by Albanian and Montenegrin members of the Kosovo Liberation Army during the war in Kosovo. The United Nations has been keeping these documents secret for more than seven years.

The thirty pages of leaked documents detail operations by the KLA to kill prisoners of war in order to harvest their organs for sale in Turkey. In addition to eight Albanian and Montenegrin witnesses, the report data is also supported by forensic evidence recovered from the medical facility where the Serbian captives were slaughtered.

The Serbs were transported in vans and trucks from Kosovo to a facility in the Rripe, Albania. The U.N. examined the facility in February of 2004 and found syringes, empty containers of muscle relaxants and antibiotics, and medical gauze. In addition, forensic testing revealed sizable blood splatters inside the facility.

According to one witnesses, they were instructed not to beat the prisoners who were selected for organ harvesting. The captives were delivered to the facility with paperwork which was handed over to a medical doctor. Once the organs were harvested, they were driven to the Rinas airport near Tirana and flown to Istanbul Turkey.

Each murdered prisoner of war was apparently worth $45,000 USD to the Turks. In addition to Serbian prisoners, some ethnic Albanians who were suspected of collaborating with the Serbian government also had their organs harvested at the facility. The organ harvesting business was operated until the Summer of 2000, long after Kosovo was firmly under the control of the UN.

According to Dick Marty, an investigator for the Council of Europe, Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci was the leader of the organ harvesting project. Vuk Jeremic, the Serbian Foreign Minister, has asked the U.N. Security Council to authorize an investigation these events — events which the United Nations has been covering up for at least seven years.

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