Sea Rock Festival (4 August in Kotor)

The Sea Rock Festival will begin at 9:00pm on 4 August at the Summer Stage in Kotor’s Old Town (Stari Grad).

This is the first Sea Rock Festival in Kotor and is part of an effort to promote Rock & Roll music around the Bay. The Montenegrin band Autumn For Free will be performing at the festival, along with My Buddy Moose and The Bambi Molesters from Croatia.

Autumn for Free is an alternative rock band with influences from jazz, post rock, progressive, and math rock. Autumn for Free was formed in 2007 by Ivan Marović, Ivan Pejović, Blažo Tatar, and Dušan Vuleković.

My Buddy Moose is a garage rock band with influences from country music. My Buddy Moose has been recording since 2001 and it’s present members have been together since 2004. The four members of My Buddy Moose are Luka Benčić, Matko Botić, Jasmin Ðecevic, and Zlatko Gostić.

The Bambi Molesters are a surf rock band who have been recording since 1995. They regularly perform across Europe and have opened for the American rock bank R.E.M. The four Bambi Molesters are Lada Furlan Zaborac, Hrvoje Zaborac, Dalibor Pavičić, and Dinko Tomljanović.

The concert is free to attend. Here is a very strange video promoting the festival:

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