Science Days in Podgorica (September 16 – 24)

The Ministry of Science, which is a newly formed ministry in the Government of Montenegro, in cooperation with their partners, is organizing a huge manifestation called “Science Days”. It will last from September 16 until September 24 and it will be held in 4 locations in Podgorica. As the organizers say, the goal of this manifestation is to open the doors of science to all Montenegrin citizens who are interested in it. The organizers will try to explain various branches of science in a simple way, so every visitor can understand what they’re talking about, regardless of their education level and former knowledge.

Two main events and integral parts of this manifestation are “Knowledge Manufactory” and “Research Night”, but there are many other parts which are also very interesting. The organizers will also try to introduce many European Union projects in the science-research field. There will be many speeches and classes held by most prominent Montenegrin scientists.

“Knowledge Manufactory” is actually an educational manifestation in the IT business field. It will be held on September 20 and 21 and is the first of its kind in Montenegro. It is probably one of the biggest IT happenings in the region. The “Manufactory” is being organized and sponsored by a big IT company ComTrade, and the same show was held in Belgrade in the last two years. However, with the help of the Montenegrin government, this year it will be held in Podgorica. Many IT experts will be present, but also elementary school, high school and college students.

“Research Night” will be held traditionally on the last Friday of September, which falls on September 24. The manifestation will be simultaneously held in 32 countries of the world, in over 200 cities.

Every country needs to promote science, because science is the spine of economic prosperity. The Ministry of Science was formed to stimulate science research and to increase investing in science.

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