Royal Music Festival In Cetinje (August 17)

Royal Music Festival is a very popular rock festival in Montenegro and it is a joint venture between Prijestonica Cetinje and the Comfortably Numb Agency. It will be held on August 17th and 18th in Cetinje at the famous summer stage “Orlov krš”. The whole festival is a dedication to the band “Perper”. 10 bands from all across Montenegro will be performing: “Zoon Politikon” and “Shin Ei” from Podgorica, “Rock in Peace” from Nikšić, “Vrtigo” from Pljevlje, “Naiva” from Bijelo Polje, “Maska” from Mojkovac, “Sky Code” from Bar, “Utopija srednje klase” from Herceg Novi, “Predrupe meze” from Zelenika i “Goddman” from Budve. They will all perform tomorrow, but only five will be chosen by a jury and those five will also perform on the second night of the festival.

After the five winners of the first night get elected, the popular Bosnian rock band “Letu štuke” will perform to end the first festival night on a high note. On the second night, after the total winner of the competition is announced, Kiki Lesendrić, a popular Serbian rock singer (who used to be the singer of “Piloti”, a band from the 80s) will hold a concert.

The organizers have also made it clear that there won’t be any entrance fees.

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