Renting a Car in Montenegro

Many visitors to Montenegro rely on buses, taxi cabs, and their feet to see the country. To experience Montenegro fully though, it is best to rent a car.

Montenegro does not have a large presence from the big car rental chains like Hertz or Avis. Instead, the market is served by a large number of independent car rental agencies.

The rental cars tend to be modern, clean, and well maintained. The prices are usually quite reasonable. It can be difficult, however, to find a rental car with an automatic transmission. If you are visiting during July or August, you will want to make a rental car reservation far in advance — or there may be no cars available for you.

One surprise for many visitors is that you can rent a car in Montenegro with no credit card. In fact, some rental car companies in Montenegro do not accept payment by credit card. Be sure the have enough Euros in cash to cover your car rental.

Driving in Montenegro

Montenegro’s driving safety laws require the driver and all passengers to wear seat belts. They also require vehicles to have their headlights on at all times. These laws are enforced by traffic officers posted on all major roads.

Montenegrin traffic officers are very polite, if you are polite with them. I have been pulled over half a dozen times and have never been asked to pay a bribe.

Montenegrin drivers can be more difficult to adjust to. They tend towards recklessness, so you must focus on defensive driving at all times. There are many roadside tributes to Montenegrins who have lost their lives in traffic accidents.

Car Rental Agencies

I have personally done business with and can recommend these car rental agencies:


Mare Blu Rent a Car

+382 33 458 283
+382 67 238 409


Oasis Rent a Car

+382 69 344 126


Ekonom Car Rental

+382 67 633411
+382 67 633488

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