Reconstruction of the Podgorica – Nikšić Railway in the Works

European Bank For Reconstruction and Development has given a loan to the Montenegrin government which should be used to improve the railways in this country. The whole project began with renovation of station buildings in Nikšić and Ostrog. The Montenegrins issued receipts to the EBRD representatives who accepted them and authorized the loan. “Projektmontaža”, a construction company from Belgrade, Serbia will be doing the job. The project is worth 1.34 million euros.

“We had to finish the reconstruction of station buildings in Nikšić and Ostrog in order to begin working on the Podgorica – Nikšić railway. The job is supposed to be completed in 6 months,” said a representative of the Montenegrin Railway Organization (ŽICG). The station building in Nikšić is a very complex project, because all segments of the station will be reconstructed — from electricity installations to outdoor lights. “Our intention is to renovate everything, but leave the architecture intact, because we want to keep the look that was created in 1935.”

They also noted that there were certain problems, but they were handled along the way.

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