Reconstruction of Dracenovac and Dobrakovo Border Crossing Points Completed

The reconstruction of the Dracenovac and Dobrakovo border crossing points with Serbia has been completed.  The works cost 2.3€ million, which was provided by the EU.

Montenegro currently operates the following land border crossing points:

  • Serbia: Vuca, Dracenovac, Dobrakovo, Rance, Cemerno and the Railway Station Bijelo Polje.
  • Croatia: Debeli Brijeg and Kobila.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Metaljka, Sula, Scepan Polje, Krstac, Vracenovici, Ilino Brdo, Nudo and Sitnica.
  • Albania: Sukobin – Murican, Bozaj, Grncar and the Railway Station Tuzi.
  • Kosovo: Kula.

In addition, maritime border crossing points are operated at the ports of Bar, Zelenika, Kotor, Budva, and Risan. Air border crossing points are maintained in the airports at Podgorica and Tivat.

At the reopening ceremony, Prime Minister Igor Lukšić stated “This is an important event and I believe that the use of border crossings will benefit the citizens of this region and contribute to cross-border cooperation, because Montenegro has proved that this is a way to invest in good neighborly relations.”

As of 2009, the Montenegrin Border Police Department employed 1,470 people who are tasked with securing 571.6km of land border and 268.8km of water border.



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