Prime Minister Luksic: Montenegro Achieves Economic Recovery and Boosts EU Accession Bid

At the annual press conference, held in Cetinje, two days ago, Prime Minister Igor Luksic discussed the key achievements made by the Government in 2011 – especially those related to the EU accession process, general economic recovery and WTO accession.

Prime Minister emphasized the significance of partnership and social dialogue – the key principles of his government. He said that the greatest success of his government was that they’ve proved that social divides could be successfully handled through partnership and dialogue between political and social stakeholders.

The EC decision to start EU accession talks with Montenegro in June next year is the best conformation of Montenegro’s development.

Every sector of Montenegrin economy has shown an improvement. Structural reforms have been conduced in education, science, health, pension system and social welfare. Montenegro will continue to reform the defense system as well.

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