Pre-accession Economic Program for the EU in the Making

The Ministry of Finances of Montenegro has announced that a conference titled “How to create a good pre-accession economic program for Montenegro” is being held in Miločer on September 15 and 16. This conference marks the beginning of a very complicated process — creating all documentation which is required by EU officials for every country that wants to join the European Union.

A pre-accession economic program actually defines the economic politics of the country and necessary structural changes and reforms which must be done in order to complete the process of joining the EU in the next 3 years. The main benefit that every country has by creating this program is consistent economic politics, which tend to vary if left unmonitored. This program is edited every year and adjusted according to the situation. The structure of this program is made out of the following: the macroeconomic frame, public finances and structural changes. For the program’s creation the Government of Montenegro has appointed a special team made out of specialists in economics and finances. Once the program is finished, it will be sent to the Government which will accept it, and then sent to the European Union in January 2012.

The first day of the conference was “easy” — attendees mainly talked about global directions of the program and the state of the economy of Montenegro (and the impact of world economy on it). They have agreed that the financial crisis that’s been happening in the world is simply a clear sign which will trigger them to stabilize and strengthen the finances of Montenegro. The second day (which is today) is more to the point — attendees were separated in groups, and each group worked on different chapters of the program.

Among the attendees (specialists) are mr Tijana Stanković, a representative of the Ministry of Finances, dr Nikola Fabris, main economic expert of the Central Bank of Montenegro, dr Mojmir Mrak, Matija Rojec i dr Garry O’Callaghan, foreign consultants hired by the UNDP.

The conference is sponsored by the Ministry of Finances and the Program of Capacity Development (CDP). The Government of Netherlands helped financially as well.

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