Petrovac Night (26 August in Petrovac)

A two-day festival called Petrovac Night (or Petrovacka Noc) will be held in Petrovac on August 26th and 27th. Although a short festival, three high-profile acts will participate (Jelena Rozga and Nina Zizic), with the band Van Gogh closing it.

The festival isn’t only about the concerts — it is basically a party that lasts two days. The program will start in the morning of August 26th with a parade where the locals will perform various plays and acts to entertain their visitors. Around 6pm, food (most notably fish) will start to be prepared and served. Of course, wine will complement the fish and local bands (called klape) will play local etno music. It’s worth mentioning that food and drinks are free of charge.

Around 9pm main music acts will get on stage. The first night is reserved for Jelena Rozga, a big star in all of the ex-Yugoslavian countries (she was the lead singer of a famous Croatian band Magazin, but left to pursue a solo career), along with Nina Zizic, a Montenegrin singer (who was previously the lead singer in a band called Negre). The honor to close the festival on the 2nd night belongs to probably the most famous rock band in this part of Europe, Van Gogh. The Serbian rockers will surely entertain the audience with their lively performance and close the festival in style.

Petrovac is a small town on the coast of Montenegro, within the Budva municipality. It is a popular tourist destination, especially for people who like quiet places and beautiful beaches. It is located between Bar and Budva and is relatively small, with the population count of around 1,500.

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