Peter Munk to Build a Golf Course in Tivat

As we reported some time ago, Peter Munk is a Canadian billionaire who is very much in love with Montenegro. To be more precise, he’s in love with the opportunities that Montenegro offers for increasing his wealth. He is known for saying that Montenegro is better than the South of France.

Apart from building the grand Porto Montenegro, he’s always looking for new opportunities. One of them is building a large golf course in Tivat. The Montenegrin government announced that they are looking to sell a large piece of land near the Tivat Airport. They will not sell it per se, but lease it for a long period of time (90 years). Munk immediately bought the necessary documentation and will bid for it. He said that he loves the land and that he thinks that it should be transformed into a luxurious golf course. “I think that Montenegro will be the new Monaco on the Adriatic Sea,” said Munk. The land was previously used for agriculture and was owned by the state company “Montepranco-Bokaprodukt”.

This parcel of land was already for sale a couple of years ago and the highest bidder was a Dutch company called “Limon”. However, the Montenegrin government had to refuse their offer since they couldn’t offer bank guarantees for their investment.

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