“Orange Peel” At The Montenegrin National Theatre

The play “Orange Peel” is scheduled for February 6, at 8 PM at the Montenegrin National Theatre (the Studio Stage).

The play is directed by Danijela Radovanovic and written by Maja Pelevic. “Orange Peel” is the graduate project of Danijela Radovanovic.

The play shows how people are manipulated to follow the models of happiness created by consumerist society. This leads to general unhappiness, but consumers believe they will find happiness eventually if they keep looking for it within consumerism and all the things propagated by media. “Orange Peel” is a confession of a woman who is trying to find happiness in her own way.

Dusan Kovacevic, Jelena Minic, Kristina Stevovic and Zaklina Ostir will play in “Orange Peel”.

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