Online Petition to Protect Valdanos Bay

NGO Green Home is sponsoring an online petition to protect the Valdanos Bay olive grove.  The petition has received 826 signatures thus far, but few of them are from Montenegro.

The Valdanos Bay grove contains approximately 18,00 olive trees, some over a thousand years old.  It was declared a national monument in 1968.

The grove is under government control at the current time and it currently locked and mostly untended.  The petitioners seek to open the grove to public use while simultaneously restoring production of olives and olive oil at the facility.  In theiry this could be a major win for both agricultural manufacturing and eco-tourism in Montenegro.

NGO Green Home is a non-governmental, not for profit, and non-political organization. NGO Green Home was founded in 2000 based upon the need for participation of great numbers of citizens in protecting and conserving the environment, as well as taking an active role in civil society development through respect for biodiversity and efforts towards sustainable development.

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