Numerous Possibilities for Cooperation between Ukraine and Montenegro

Ukraine and Montenegro signed the Free Trade Agreement, along with treaties in the fields of tourism, defence, air traffic, education and culture, which confirms good relations between the two countries, as well as wide range of possibilities for cooperation.

Ukrainian PM, Mikola Azarov, and Igor Luksic, Montenegrin PM, have announced the signing of several agreements that aim to improve economic cooperation and to set up a business forum and a commission on economy-related issues.

PM Azarov said that Ukraine was ready to help Montenegro with stability of the energy system, by providing the country with installations and equipment, which would reduce the cost of electricity and make the energy system more stable.

Ukraine also offered Montenegro help with problems like electricity shortage.

PM Azarov said that Ukraine had a potential in the power-engineering sphere, and that his country was willing to offer Montenegro beneficial terms. Igor Luksic agreed that PM Azarov’s proposals should be studied more thoroughly.

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