Number Portability Comes to Montenegro

The Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services will make local number portability available in Montenegro by the end of August.

Number portability makes it possible for you to keep your mobile telephone number even if you switch service providers. Number portability greatly increases competition between mobile service providers, because it makes it easier for unhappy customers to change to another vendor. This move should result in lower costs and better service for Montenegrin mobile phone users.

Number portability will also be possible for fixed landline telephone numbers and VoIP telephone numbers. It will not be possible to transfer your telephone number between mobile and fixed services.

To initiate a number transfer, make a request of the company you are moving to. Number transfers should be implemented within five days of the application, with a maximum service outage of three hours during the transition. Number transfers are currently limited to one every three months.

Update – 4 August

The implementation of number portability has been been delayed until the end of 2012 due to technical difficulties.

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