Nikšić Guitar Festival

The sixth annual Nikšić Guitar Festival is being held starting this weekend at the Hotel Vukov Most in Nikšić. The Vukov Most is a small four-star luxury hotel in Nikšić. Accommodation is also available in the four star Hotel Maršal and the two star Hotel Onogošt. Events are scheduled from 15 to 21 July.

The festival will feature Montenegrin guitarists Goran Krivokapic, Daniel Cerović, Goran Perisic, Rade Amanović, Drazen Joković, Ranko Domazetović, Branislav Mašanović, and Nikola Pejovic. Serbia is being represented by Vojislav Ivanovic, Rasko Radovic, Aleksandra Lazarevic, Živojin Kuzmanovic. Graham Devine has traveled from the U.K for the event, Juan Carlos Gomez and his Flamenco Group have come from Spain, and Natalia Lipnitskaya has arrived from France.

The festival events will include the following concerts:

  • 16 July, 9pm – Natalia Liptanskaja
  • 17 July,  9pm – Graham Divine
  • 19 July, 9pm – Vojislav Ivanovic, Aleksandar Lazarevic – Levantina Duo
  • 20 July, 9pm – Juan Carlos Gomez Flamenco Trio

Finals for the guitar competition will be held at 9pm on 18 July in the studio of RTV Atlas.  The grand prize is a 7,000€ Andreas Marvi  hand-crafted guitar.

Here is a video of Goran Krivokapic performing at the festival in 2009:

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