New Air Routes from Montenegro to UAE

We reported yesterday that a delegation from the United Arab Emirates is currently in Montenegro trying to improve the relations between the two countries. The first step was made today — representatives of both sides, dr Andrija Lompar (Montenegrin minister of traffic) and Sultan Bin Saed Al Mansuri (UAE’s minister of economy) signed a very important contract. Both countries actually opened their sky to one another. That means that Montenegrin air companies can fly to UAE as much as they want, and companies from UAE can fly to Montenegro as many times as they want. This is very positive for Montenegro, especially because two probably most prestigious air companies in the world, Etihad and Emirates, are from the United Arab Emirates and they will probably make new routes and fly from UAE to Montenegro. Montenegro benefits from this in two ways: 1. Etihad and Emirates are world’s best airlines. As soon as their passengers see Montenegro in the offering, they will want to come. 2. Dubai is a huge air hub with many companies flying there and from there. Having a direct connection from Montenegro to Dubai will be enormously positive for Montenegrin citizens and expats who want to come here or go somewhere.

“The contract is actually based on various liberalizations and security and simply connecting these two countries,” said  Lompar.

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