National Development Plan Is One of the Government’s Top Priorities

After the meeting held on February 16, Milorad Katnic, Finance Minister, and Leopold Maurer, Head of EU delegation to Montenegro, agreed that the National Development Plan for 2013-2016 was one of the most important documents for Montenegro and its position in EU accession talks. This strategic document will be one of the top priorities for Montenegrin government in 2012.

The National Development Plan will reflect the government’s development vision in accordance with the Europe 2012 Strategy guidelines. The document will be a framework for determining priorities and it will also provide a basis for getting IPA funds and resources.

Montenegro is an EU candidate, which means it already has access to certain resources in several sectors, like human resources development, regional development, rural development and agriculture. The National Development Plan will help Montenegro determine its priorities and facilitate the use of IPA funds.

The document will envisage the following development directions: smart growth (business environment, foreign investments, tourism, science, high education, privatization, telecommunication, etc.); sustainable growth (agriculture, energy supply, environment, rural development, housing, construction and transportation); inclusive growth (social welfare, labor market, education, health care, and sports); public administration reform ( which will include reform of both local and state administrations).

Montenegro’s National Development Plan will be made through the 1,000,000 € twinning project. German Ministry of Economy, Government of Montenegro, EU Delegation to Montenegro, Slovenian Office for Development and Austrian Development Agency will be partners in this project.

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