Museums of Montenegro

Museums of Montenegro is an incredible free eBook which documents thirty-two of Montenegro’s top museums in over two hundred pages of text and high-quality photographs. The eBook was published by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Media with funding from the UNESCO Venice Office – Regional Bureau for Science in Culture in Europe (UNESCO-BRESCE).

For each museum, the eBook lists the address and telephone number of the museum, along with the operating hours and price for admission.  The major artifacts of each collection are described and photographed, along with information about each of the museums themselves.

Table of Contents

  • The National Museum of Montenegro – Cetinje
  • Historic Museum of Montenegro – Cetinje
  • Museum of Fine Arts of Montenegro – Cetinje
  • Ethnographic Museum of Montenegro – Cetinje
  • Njegoš Museum (Biljarda) – Cetinje
  • Museum of King Nikola – Cetinje
  • Cetinje Monastery – Cetinje
  • The Museum of Natural History – Podgorica
  • Centre for Modern Arts – Podgorica
  • Museums and Galleries of Podgorica
  • Museum of Marko Miljanov at Medun
  • Centre for Culture Nikšić – Homeland Museum
  • Centre for Culture Danilovgrad – Homeland Museum
  • Maritime Museum Kotor
  • Museums Kotor – Museum of the Town of Perast, Lapidarium Kotor
  • St Tryphon’s Cathedral – Kotor
  • Our Lady of the Rock – Perast
  • St. Nikola’s Church – Perast
  • Homeland Museum and Artistic Gallery “Josip Bepo Benković” Herceg Novi
  • Savina Monastery – Herceg Novi
  • Centre for Culture Tivat – Museum Collection and Gallery
  • Museum, Gallery and Library of Budva
  • Cultural Centre Bar – Homeland Museum
  • Centre for Culture Ulcinj – Homeland Museum
  • Piva Monastery – Plužine
  • Homeland Museum – Pljevlja
  • The Holy Trinity Monastery – Pljevlja
  • Hussein-pasha’s Mosque – Pljevlja
  • Centre for Cultural Activities “Vojislav Bulatović Strunjo”- Bijelo Polje
  • Museum of Polimlje – Berane
  • Homeland Museum – Ganića kula – Rožaje
  • Centre for Culture Kolašin – Homeland Museum

This book is an invaluable guide for anyone who wishes to discover more about Montenegro’s colorful past.

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