Multiple Art Exhibitions In Podgorica (September And October)

“Autumn of culture” is how people are naming the coming rainy season in Podgorica. After many shows, concerts and exhibitions in the coastal area of Montenegro during the summer, it seems that the continental part of the country is going to be in the center of attention in the coming couple of months.

The first exhibition is called “Pojasevi iz Etnografske zbirke” (Layers from the Ethnographic collection) and its author is Vladislav Ivanović. It will take place in the Museum of Podgorica in the third quarter of September (the actual date hasn’t been set yet). “The main purpose of this exhibit is to show our visitors our rich ethnographic heritage,” said Petrica Duletić, a representative of the museum.

In the final days of September there will be another exhibit in the “Moderna galerija” (Modern gallery) called “Helenistic containers for oil and other substances”. Petrica Duletić said that many containers found at an archeological location in Zeta will be presented. The authors are Milena Živković and Zorica Stijepović.

In the second half of October there will be two exhibits titled “Umjetnici Jugoslavije Njegošu”, which will be organized in cooperation with the Narodni muzej from Cetinje. At this exhibition, many art works from the XX century will be presented.

A gallery that has been very active during the summer is Pizana. A very popular exhibit during the summer was Andy Warhol’s works. In the coming months, they plan to focus on presenting young artists such as Tadija Janičić, Tatjana Politeo, Marko Stojanović, Tijana Gordić, Vlatko Vujošević, Boris Abramović, Adin Rastoder, Biljana Keković, Jovan Mrvaljević, Admir Bambur, Roman Đuranović, Igor Rakčević and many more.

On October 12th there will be an international exhibit in Podgorica called “Različitost zajedništva”. It will be organized by an Internet gallery from Serbia called ArtSerbia and Gallery of the Center of Culture. 63 authors from 11 different countries will participate (Turkey, Romania, Greence, Italy, Iran, Portugal, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia). The most famous authors are surely Momčilo Macanović, Naod Zorić, Ljubomir Popadić and Tijana Gordić.

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