Most VIP Flights To Tivat, Ibiza And Sardinia

AirPartner, a British airline with branches all over the world and who specializes in renting luxury charter airplanes, announced today that most of their VIP clients from Italy requested to fly to three destinations this year: Tivat (Montenegro), Ibiza (Spain) and Sardinia (Italy). “Ibiza and Sardinia have always been on top of the list of our VIP clients, but this year Tivat managed to get in the top 3,” said the company’s representative.  They said that they were surprised with the interest about Montenegro, but they are glad that they could provide their clients with the best possible service. They also noted that they aren’t exactly sure whether this interest is connected with Porto Montenegro, a yacht marina in Tivat, but they think that is the case.

“We cannot divulge our clients’ private information, but we can assure you that many of our VIP clients chose to fly to Tivat this year. However, we can say that the flights originated from all across Italy, and they were mostly private flights, but there were some charters as well,” said the PR manager of AirPartner Italy. Because of the interest, they are planning to include Tivat in their next year’s plans and advertise it heavily.

AirPartner is a company headquartered in Gatwick (near London), United Kingdom and has been in the business for 50 years. They specialize in providing charter and private flights to industry, commerce, governments and individuals in 16 countries spanning three continents. The company had a revenue of 322 million EUR last year.

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