Montenegro’s Interests Represented by Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia in 49 Countries

The interests of Montenegrin citizens are represented by Serbia, in forty-two countries where Montenegro has no consular or diplomatic offices.

If a country has no consular or diplomatic office in another country, the third country will represent its interests. Montenegro has such agreements with Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia.

According to the agreement between Montenegro and Serbia, Montenegrin citizens will be offered all kinds of help (in case of disease, accident, and arrest) while they are in a country where Montenegro has no consular offices. The citizens of Montenegro will also get help with visa extensions, passports, and legalization of their documents.

Montenegro is represented by Serbia in Angola, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Belarus, Bulgaria, Egypt, Denmark, Finland, Ethiopia, The Netherlands, Indonesia, India, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Cyprus, Kenya, Kuwait, Morocco, Libya, Cuba, Mexico, Nigeria, Myanmar, Peru, Norway, Poland, Republic of Korea, Portugal, Syria, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Tunisia, Sweden, Zambia and Ukraine.

Bulgaria represents Montenegro in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Georgia.

Montenegro is represented by Croatia in Chile, the United States and Australia.

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