Montenegro to Earn $1 Billion from Tourism By Year’s End

From the beginning of the year up until the end of July, the total revenue from tourism in Montenegro was $400 million. That is a 7.9% increase when compared to the same period last year. The expected revenue by the end of the year is around $1 billion. Predrag Sekulić, chief of the Ministry of Development and Tourism says that the secret of constantly increasing revenue numbers is simple — constant quality improvements of products and offerings. “Montenegro is a serious tourist destination and as such its revenue is an indicator of whether the season was successful or not.”

After two years which saw a decrease in earnings due to the global economic crisis, this year is obviously different because Montenegro has improved on all fronts. According to data that Sekulić presented, almost 700,000 tourists visited Montenegro in the first seven months of 2011. He said that these numbers were expected and that everyone in the Government is very pleased with them. He also noted that hotels are booked until October 2011.

Sekulić thinks that the growth trend will continue, especially in the number of tourists from the European Union. This is mostly because many low-cost companies (like AirBerlin) have flights during the summer (June – September) from big hubs in EU to the airport in Tivat. “In order to ensure a constant flow of passengers, we have started to talk with more carries, but with a condition: that they fly during the whole year, not just during the summer. So far, Ryanair has agreed to our terms and we will probably do a deal with them,” concluded Sekulić.

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