Montenegro Starts Preparations for Taking Part in “One in Five” Campaign

Montenegro has started preparations for taking part in the CoE’s “One in Five“ project. The goal of this project is to stop the violence against children. Council of Europe and UNICEF have provided significant support for this project. The campaign will last two years (until 2014).

Montenegro has formed a team to work on preparations for participating in this project. The government’s plan is to make progress, get results by the end of this year, and present the results to the public. The goal is to prevent sexual violence against children and raise awareness among adults and children.

The team includes representatives of the Ministry of health, Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Ministry of EU Integration and Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ministry of Sustainable Development. Prime Minister’s Office, Supreme Court, The Office of High Public Prosecutor, Police Authority, Union of Municipalities, Ombudsman, PR Bureau and UNICEF will also have their representatives in the team.

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