Montenegro Signed Action Plans for Cooperation with UNICEF and UNDP

The plans for cooperation with UNICEF and UNDP for 2012-16 were signed yesterday, (January 16). Milan Rocen, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, said that signing the 2012-16 action plans would help the country’s EU bid.

The action plans confirm good cooperation between the UN Agencies and Montenegrin Government; the plans also correspond with Montenegro’s development needs, EU negotiation process, EU Commission’s opinion on the country’s candidacy, and UN Millennium Development Goals.

The main goals include building the administrative capacities, developing social inclusion, and achieving sustainable economic development.

UNICEF and UNDP will provide funding (50,000,000 USD), and Montenegrin Government will also take part in financing the projects.

The UNDP will focus on judiciary, public administration reform, development of local administration, protection of vulnerable population and “green economy projects”.

Rastislav Vrbensky, UNDP’s Resident Representative, said he believed Montenegro and UNDP were starting a new cooperation era.

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