Montenegro Remains a Great Investment Destination

Montenegro remains a great investment destination is a fact that was confirmed at the annual, 10th in a row, International Investment Forum in Sochi, Russia. As faithful representatives of Montenegro, the Ministry of development and tourism led by Predrag Sekulić are presenting various projects that are in development and other useful information about Montenegro. The forum lasts from September 17 until September 19.

At the forum’s grand opening ceremony, the first speech was held by Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of Russia. He noted that Russia is on a positive rise in all segments, especially investments. He said that they are up by 20% compared to last year and that most of them are investments in new technologies. He also announced many more investments to come in the future.

The Montenegrin delegation introduced the forum’s visitors and attendees with development projects in the country, showed them all the possibilities that Montenegro offers and explained to them what the business ambient in Montenegro looks like. “The fact that we participate in this forum is very important for us, especially because Russia is our investment partner. A lot of investments in tourism come from Russia,” said Sekulić. He also had many meetings with potential investors and developers and explained everything they wanted to know about investing and developing in Montenegro. He said that they were mostly interested in law legislation, which is very suitable for foreign investors. He also held a few bilateral meetings with the Russian government officials.

This year’s Investment Forum in Sochi is the biggest so far. Many countries which haven’t participated in the past are participating this year. The forum is growing to be one of the world’s best.

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