Montenegro Ranked Second in the Region

In 2011, Montenegro is ranked second in the region (after Croatia), for its gross domestic product per capita. According to  Monstat, Montenegro’s GDP (per capita) in 2009 was the same as in 2008, and it was 43 % of the EU average for that year. Last year, Montenegro’s GDP per capita was 41 % of the EU average.

GDP (Gross domestic product) refers to the value of final services and goods produced in some country, for a given period. GDP is one of the indicators of the standard of living. However, gross domestic product per capita can’t measure personal income.

In 2011 (November), the average (gross) earnings in Montenegro were 721 E. The average earnings, calculated without contributions and taxes (net) were 483 E.

Compared with October, the average earnings for November, without contributions and taxes, are 1.3 percent higher.

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