Montenegro Promotes Social Inclusion of Children with Disabilities

At the presentation of the campaign called “It’s our ability”, Prime Minister Igor Luksic remarked that the moral obligation of our society was to respect the dignity of children and to allow every child, without making any distinction, to understand and reach his or her full potential.

He said that the hardest thing to do was to raise awareness of people and change their attitudes, but he was pleased to say the campaign was successful.

The purpose of this campaign was to change the old way of thinking that led to exclusion and isolation of children with disabilities from public life, and to promote children’s participation in social life. The only way to do this is to change people’s attitude toward these children.

The campaign started in 2010, (September), and more than one hundred partners took part in it, including UNICEF, the Government of Montenegro, Council of Europe, EU Delegation, OSCE, and UN Office, Non-governmental organizations, embassies, private sector and the media.

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