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Social networking is a bit different in a country with just over six hundred thousand inhabitants.  Social networking  here is more likely to involve an afternoon “coffee” at a café than logging onto a web site.  Still the web does have it’s advantages – it’s the best place to receive a huge volume of news and information in a very short time.  Instead of having coffee with one person it is like having coffee with hundreds of people simultaneously.

Twitter is one of the extreme examples of this paradigm.  Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters, forcing communications to be short and to the point.  Twitter is a good tool for quickly keeping abreast of the latest developments in Montenegro.

The #Montenegro Hash Tag

Hash tags are an informal feature of Twitter.  Twitter users started to append these codes to their messages to help keep them organized.  Many “tweets” about Montenegro contain the hash tag #montenegro.

You can now search by hash tag using Twitter’s built-in search feature:!/search/%23Montenegro.  This will show you every recent “tweet” that the sender marked as being related to Montenegro.

Following People on Twitter

The main feature of Twitter is the people.  You can choose to “follow” a persons Twitter account, which means that their “tweets” will automatically show up in your own Twitter “home page.”

You can follow us at MontenegroDaily.  Here are a few more people whom you might wants to follow:

News Agencies


  • MeGovernment – Official Twitter account of the Government of Montenegro

Tourism and Real Estate

Come join the fun on Twitter!  Share your news all of your friends in Montenegro.

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