Montenegro on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site with a focus on business. It can almost be described as “Facebook for adults.” The site is able to boast of more than 100 million registered members and more 47.6 million unique visitors a month.  LinkedIn is a good place to make business contacts, and to keep in touch with your existing contacts.  It is not as personal as an afternoon spent drinking coffee together at a café, but it is far more efficient.

When you join LinkedIn, you can search for your existing contacts by name, email address, or company name.  That doesn’t help, however, to make new contacts.  The best way to make new contacts on LinkedIn is to use the groups.

There are several groups on LinkedIn which focus on Montenegro:

To get the most out of LinkedIn, you should also look at joining groups about your own areas of interest — your profession and your business.

You can connect to me on LinkedIn via my profile. I also just created a Daily News Montenegro Group for discussion of DNM and Montenegro News in general.

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