Montenegrin Hotels Full, Despite the Season Winding Down

The summer tourist season in Montenegro usually starts at the beginning of June and lasts until the end of August. Peaks in the number of tourists visiting the country is usually seen in the first days of August, with a tendency of descending towards the end of the month. However, this year seems to be different. According to the hoteliers in Budva, tourist count in the first days of September is on a high level when compared to last year’s data. At the moment, 15,111 tourists are staying in Budva, of which 14,742 are foreigners. As a consequence of that, almost all hotels are overbooked, even the most expensive ones.

The Tourist Organization of Budva also released some data about the total tourist count in Budva — at the moment, there are over 30,000 tourists residing in Budva. The difference between the numbers released by the hoteliers and the numbers released by the Tourist Organization of Budva is because not all tourists are staying in hotels — many of them find private accommodation.

The National Tourist Organization of Montenegro says that there are over 75,000 tourists residing in Montenegro at the moment, which is a 8% increase when compared to the last season. It is also obvious that almost half of the tourists who are coming to Montenegro on vacation are staying in Budva.

The season in Bar is far from over, too. According to the data provided by the Tourist Organization of Bar, there are currently 11,352 tourists staying in the city, which is 2% more compared to last year.

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